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A Distinct Approach to Ensure First-class Sushi for Our Customers.

To ensure exquisite-tasting sushi, we adopt a two-part system in which the course is timed in accordance with when the rice is cooked.
We carefully select the order of the neta by meticulously calculating the subtly changing flavor of the shari.

Hatsunezushi adopts a two-part system, whereby customers may begin their meal from either 5 or 8 p.m. This is because we use freshly-cooked rice for our shari.

At the beginning of the course, we offer our customers a sample of “still-hot” rice.
We carefully select the order in which we present neta to our customers with consideration to the flavor of the shari, which changes as it cools.

Omakase Course only

The only item featured on our menu is the “Omakase Course” (Chef’s Selection).
This course is characterized by the fact it comprises entirely of sushi, with no appetizers or side dishes in-between.

The shari is prepared by finely balancing the ratio of red and white vinegar used to suit the climate.

The crisp flavor achieved by our firm refusal to use even a single ounce of sugar enhances the flavor and fragrance of our seafood.
Enjoy the best of traditional Edo-style sushi made from ingredients that have been painstakingly prepared, one by one.

The Owner’s Creed

Treat Our Customers with Utmost Sincerity

At the start of the course, we explain how to eat the sushi to ensure the best taste and introduce each neta.
Sometimes we may even show you the receipt with the seafood’s purchase price.  
Many of our customers come to enjoy open, unreserved conversation with us.
We treat our customers with utmost sincerity and couldn’t be more passionate about ensuring the highest level of hospitality with delicious sushi.

Full of Authentic Sushi Bar Charm

There are only eight counter seats to choose from.
Based on our creed of wanting our customers to savor their sushi at the ultimate timing when the taste is most enhanced, we deliver sushi the moment it is created directly into the outstretched hand of our customer.
By placing the sushi delicately on your tongue, you will feel it melt slowly in your mouth and the fragrance will softly caress your sense of smell.
Enjoy an authentic sushi experience to your heart’s content.


From near Kamata St. far from the city center, Hatsune is in the location of about a 5-minute walk away sushi.

To mark the white wall of the building surrounded by green, please come feel free to.



Our shop is a full appointment.

I like thank you can make a reservation to be sure to advance the time of your visit.

Scheduling a Reservation

This message will get a bit long, but I’d appreciate it if you read to the end!
We are currently planning on reopening our “Contact” section to make reservations for the start of 2020.

There, you’ll be able to put in your basic information to create a tentative reservation.

Next, we’ll send you an email confirming the specific date of your reservation after we have found an appropriate time.

Since we expect to receive a large number of reservations, we will be
limiting parties to a maximum of three at a time. Hatsune-zushi can seat about 3,000 people a year, so at three
per party we expect to serve a maximum of a thousand parties.

Within the first week of opening up our reservation form this year, we received just over a thousand requests, filling up our yearly limit.

Currently we plan on accepting new reservations for the beginning of 2020.
We will let everyone know that we are taking new reservations again on our Facebook page as well as here on our home page.

Now I’d like to take a moment to thank you for regularly checking up on us through our Facebook and homepage.
I am eternally grateful for everyone’s thoughts and concerns. Thank you so much!

I look forward to meeting you in person here at Hatsune-zushi!

Katsu Nakaji