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Hatsune Sushi

The Finest Hospitality with Utmost Sincerity.

Hatsunezushi is a cozy sushi bar tucked away in Kamata, Tokyo.
Since we first opened our door in 1893, we have been truly passionate about offering our customers delicious sushi.
We hope you will enjoy a unique Hatsunezushi experience that tantalizes your five senses.



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From near Kamata St. far from the city center, Hatsune is in the location of about a 5-minute walk away sushi.

To mark the white wall of the building surrounded by green, please come feel free to.



Our shop is a full appointment.

I like thank you can make a reservation to be sure to advance the time of your visit.

Hatsune Sushi is Reopening

Great news everyone!
It’s been about 8 months since we had to temporarily close up shop.

At the time, we had to cancel a number of reservations in March and April to accommodate this break.
For this we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. We are deeply sorry.

We’d also like to take this moment to express our overwhelming gratitude for everyone’s concern and for your words of encouragement.

Along with our proprietress Mieko Nakaji’s recovery, we’re getting the shop ready for reopening.
Now that we’re getting ready to set off once again, we would like to try and repay everyone for their kindness and patronage.

First, as part of our reopening we will be prioritizing anyone who had their reservation cancelled.
If before our closure you had a reservation at any time between March 1st and the end of April, we will soon inform you about getting a priority reservation.

We will then contact anyone who has made a reservation after those dates with information on how to change their reservation day.
We had nearly a year’s worth of registrations by February, so we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Hatsune Zushi
Proprietor Katsu Nakaji
Proprietress Mieko Nakaji